Luigi dedicates to his vineyards maniacal carefulness and attention. It is from the raw material, the grapes, that he obtains the very great quality of his wines.

Part of the nowadays' vines have been planted by Luigi's father, Lorenzo, in the 1940s. They are for Azelia a unique heritage. It is the ancient vines, with their lower yields and their deeper roots, which produce amazing grapes. As a result the berries are much smaller, more concentrated and fully ripe.

A minimum of two green harvests per year are carried out for each vineyard to further reduce the yields. The green harvest implies a long and scrupulous work during the high summer season. In about 40 days all the bunches, one by one, are examined attentively and those in excess are eliminated. Even more than 30-35 % of the bunches may be cut and left on the ground. In this way the remaining grapes reach a ripening and a concentration otherwise unattainable.

All the operations are done by hand. The most important ones such as the pruning of the oldest vines, the leaves removal and the green harvest, are accomplished personally by Luigi and by the other members of the family. Only can the expert eye and the skilled hand achieve the highest quality of the grapes.

No vine is replaced unless it dies. Only when strictly necessary copper and sulphur base products are utilized and no chemical fertilizer is added to the soil. Solely every 3-4 years natural manure is added to the poorest areas of the hills. Spontaneous grass is left grow naturally between the rows.

Harvest is totally by hand, through a rigorous selection bunch by bunch, so that every unsuitable berry is removed and left on the ground. This trimming is indispensable to guarantee an impeccable raw material and it permits Luigi to vinify exclusively the best berries. Grapes are laid down with care in small crates in order to have them delivered to the cellar perfectly intact.

The vineyards of the estate are situated in Castiglione Falletto, Serralunga d'Alba and Montelupo Albese, for a total surface of about 16 hectares.